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TOG Knives and Black Friday

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TOG Knives and Black Friday

At TOG, we’re not really into ‘Black Friday’ and what’s it’s expanded to become. Retailers created ‘Cyber Monday’ to drive even more sales and now Black Friday has become a whole week of cheap prices to try and get people to buy more stuff they don’t really need.

We believe in designing and providing the highest quality tools for the kitchen that will last a lifetime. We hope one TOG knife can replace ten cheap plastic disposable ones.

So, we are not slashing prices for ‘Black Friday’ this year. Our prices are fair already. Instead, we are donating 50% of our profits from sales on the day to Farms Not Factories. Pig welfare is quite close my heart as my wife and I keep pigs for meat. We like to know where our meat comes from. Most people have no idea what conditions most pigs are kept in. Buying TOG this Black Friday will help Farms Not Factories educate the public and to fight the creation of more intensive pig factories in the UK.

We are not the first company to take this approach. Patagonia and Hiut Denim have done similar things. But we agree with them.

By the way, if you wish to avoid intensively farmed sausages, ham, bacon etc. in the shops, check out this guide to pork labelling.

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