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Sharpening and Repair Service

If you have chosen to invest in a TOG knife, it would be crazy not to keep it super sharp. Having said that, knife sharpening is quite a skill. Some people prefer to leave it to the professionals.

Sheffield Knife Sharpening

We are delighted to now be working with Scott Mclellan of Sheffield Knife Sharpening. Scott offers TOG’s full sharpening and repair service from his workshop in Sheffield. He has sharpened, repaired and restored well over 1000 knives using Japanese whetstones. This method achieves the absolute best results possible, removing only the minimum steel necessary in each case. Working by hand like this also avoids producing heat, which can affect the properties of the steel. Scott finishes with a 6000 grit fine stone and then a leather strop, producing a ’better than new’ edge.


Knife Sharpening Tip Repair
3” / cm ‘OFFICE’ (PARING) KNIFE £3 £8
4¾” / 12.5cm ‘PETTY’ (UTILITY/PARING) KNIFE £4.50 £8
6½” / 17cm ‘SANTOKU’ (MULTIPURPOSE) KNIFE £6.50 £8
6½” / 17cm ‘NAKIRI’ (VEGETABLE) KNIFE £6.50 £8
8” / 21cm ‘GYUTO’ (CHEF’S) KNIFE £8 £8
10¼” / 26cm ‘SUJIHIKI’ KNIFE £10 £8
Return Postage    
Up to 3 knives (packaged together)   £7
Up to 5 Knives (packaged together)   £9
Up to 20 knives   £15
Postage outside UK: For a quote, please contact Scott.


You will need to very securely pack your knives (ideally in the original box and tied very tight with the ribbon) and post them to Scott. Please enclose a note with your full name, return address and email address. You will be invoiced directly by Sheffield Knife Sharpening for the work.


Scott's service is still running at this time but by post only. Please contact Scott to confirm the address to send the knives to, or if you have any questions or comments about the service. You can do this via his website.

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