The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly

Edge-grain chopping board (36 x 25 x 2cm)

Lightweight board that 'flies' around the kitchen.

The DRAGONFLY chopping board is designed, above all, to be portable and to ‘fly’ around the kitchen. It is mid-size for general purpose use and weighs just 956g. It’s big enough for prepping large items such as cauliflower, lettuce or melon but small enough to be agile. It can be held in one hand, allowing you to scrape food off into a pan.

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Made by hand in Warwickshire

TOG chopping boards are made by hand in Warwickshire, a handful at a time, by a man called Mike. Sometimes we have a few in stock and at other times they are made to order.

Wooden Chopping Board

finest timber

Our boards are constructed from sustainably sourced American Black Walnut and British Cherry. Wood is naturally antimicrobial and, we believe, the most hygienic material for a chopping board.

TOG Kitchen Chopping Board

Edge-grain construction

The Dragonfly is the only TOG chopping board that uses edge-grain construction. Wood fibres run the entire length of the board, making it stronger. This allows us to make the Dragonfly thinner and lighter than our other boards.

The Dragonfly Chopping Board

Design Details

Our boards have removable feet for grip and to ensure they don’t sit in water. The chamfer makes them easier to pick up. We’ve given each model its own icon and laser etched it on the front, along with the board’s production number. The boards are finished with mineral oil, then with TOG board balm.

A beautiful chopping board from TOG knives, now takes pride of place in my kitchen, master craftsmanship and a real centre piece when creating a meal.

Stephen S
The Dragonfly Chopping Board



Caring for your Chopping Board

Like our knives, our chopping boards will give you a lifetime of use with a little TLC. Washing up liquid will remove the natural oils in the wood. Use our board balm to help replace these oils and maximise the board’s water resistance, durability and beauty.

After care

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