Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate

#220 grit (203mm x 76mm)

For fast repair work and whetstone flattening

This is a solid steel bench plate made by Diamond Machining Technology in the U.S. Extra coarse industrial diamonds are embedded into the surface. Unlike a whetstone, it will always stay flat. It removes steel very fast making it ideal for repair work, removing chips and whetstone flattening.

Supplied with self-adhesive non-slip feet.




Founded in 1976 in the U.S.A., Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) is now the world leader in diamond sharpening. It produces all its products to exacting engineering standards in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Diamond Abrasion

Diamonds are the hardest and most aggressive abrasive in the world. Because of this and its extra coarse #220 grit size, our Diamond plate removes steel extremely fast. This makes it perfect for repair work and removing chips. About 30 strokes on a conventional sharpening stone is equivalent to about 5 or 6 strokes on a DMT sharpener. Use a non-diamond whetstone afterwards to prevent a rough cutting edge.

Note that initially, the diamond surface will feel rough. It will smooth after initial sharpening with no impact to long term performance.

Whetstone Flattening

Whetstones naturally wear down with time and this process is known as “dishing”. In order to keep them at their most effective it is worth flattening them periodically – a process called “lapping”. Rub the diamond plate against the dished surface of any whetstone. We recommend doing this under a tap. Keeping it wet stops them sticking together. Keep checking the appearance of the whetstone’s surface to know when you’re done.



Caring for your diamond plate

Our diamond plate is a pretty robust product! Wash it with your fingers after use and dry completely before storage.

After care

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