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Ceramic Honing Rod

Ceramic Honing Rod黒セラミック包丁研ぎ棒

With Shock Absorber

for repairing, refining and maintaining your edge

An easy and effective way of maintaining the edge of a sharp knife. The rod works by repairing small amounts of damage and sharpens at the same time. It is lightweight, easy to clean and protected by a 3-part shock absorber system. Not suitable for very blunt or chipped knives (use whetstones or our sharpening service).


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Ultra-hard ceramic

Our honing rod is made of sintered black ceramic. This material measures 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, just 2 points less than diamond. It’s way harder than any steel knife and so can easily straighten tiny bits of your knife edge that get bent over.

Smooth finish

The surface of the rod is slightly abrasive, equivalent to a 2000 grit Japanese whetstone. This means it sharpens (removes steel) as well as honing (straightening). It’s not coarse like a diamond steel, so you can use it regularly without wearing away your blade.

Shock Absorber

The patented 3-part shock absorber system absorbs 70% of the shock should the rod be dropped on the floor, reducing the risk of breakage. The tip protects the ceramic from hitting the floor and shock is dispersed along the rod’s length.



Evening Standard's 'Top Pick' best knife sharpener 2018

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