UK Knife Law – A Letter from the Home Secretary

The proposed new measures to crack down on knife crime are understandable considering the increases in knife crime seen recently in the UK. However, as proposed, they are potentially disastrous for small British knife and tool makers. The Government are proposing to ban home deliveries of knives bought online.

We wrote to our MP, Liam Fox, highlighting the potential impact on these small businesses and he kindly passed on the response below from the Home Secretary. We’re delighted to have been invited to consult on the law later in the year and fully intend to do so. Amber Rudd’s proposal won’t work for us as it stands. She suggests knives “would (instead) require collection from a store or other place where age ID can be checked in person”. This might work for a high street retail chain, but for knife producers and, I expect, for single-location independent retailers, this would put them at a considerable disadvantage in a competitive marketplace. Whilst there are networks of collections points that could be used by a producer that didn’t have its own outlets, requiring physical collection from an outlet might well put a lot of buyers off.

Instead, therefore, I still believe that ensuring couriers demand age verification on delivery is a fairer way to approach this for everyone and will be submitting that point of view when consulted.

Do you have any views on the above? We will have the opportunity to contribute to the new laws so we invite you to comment below.

View the letter from Amber Rudd MP here

Home Delivery Knife Ban

Letter from Amber Rudd MP regarding the new law ‘Home Deliveries of Knives bought online to be banned’.