Stir with a Knife and Stir up Strife

A knife is one of the first tools that man created, dating back to prehistoric times. It’s a fundamental object that’s always been with us. So it’s not surprising there are lots of superstitions about knives. Here we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting:

  1. Stirring food or a drink with a knife is considered bad luck – there’s even a rhyme to remind you: Stir with a knife and stir up strife.
  2. One belief dating back to the Vikings, and is still held by many today, is that gifting a knife will cause your relationship to be severed. Since knives make excellent gifts (if we don’t say so ourselves!) people get round this superstition by taping a penny to the blade. The receiver can then return the penny as “payment” and the knife is no longer considered a gift.
  3. It’s believed that you never truly own your knife until it has “bitten” you (tasted your blood) and it will then stay sharper for longer and be less likely to bite you again.
  4. Knives are also known for giving protection. A knife of steel will protect you from curses and fairies. A knife thrust into the door of your house will protect those inside. In Greece it’s believed putting a knife with a black handle under a pillow will ward off bad dreams and in China a knife under a bed will scare away evil spirits.
  5. It was also once thought that a knife under a bed would ease the pain of labour and, that a knife sticking into the headboard of a cradle would protect the baby.

We wish you a happy Chinese New Year and hope your TOG brings you lots of good luck and protection, just be careful of its bite!

Health Warning and Disclaimer – TOG Knives does not recommend taking any course of action mentioned here and is not responsible for any injury caused by doing so – especially the ‘knife under your pillow’ thing, or the ’sticking a knife into a baby’s cradle’ thing.