• Tog news • 4 minute read

    Food for the Self-Isolating: TOG’S Guide To The Pandemic Pantry

    In these strange times, food seems more important than ever. Panic buying has reminded us how we need food to live. Also how dependent we are on our shops. It might seem obvious, but it doesn’t normally cross our minds. Here are some resources that could change your life, perhaps in a small way, but, we hope, for the better.

  • Interview • 2 minute read

    Curry Puffs and Masak Clubs – An Interview with Masterchef Champ Ping Coombes

    Interview with Ping Coombes – Masterchef winner and owner of Ping’s Masak Club.

  • Interview • 11 minute read

    Milk, Microbes, Mites and Robots – an Interview with Tom Calver, Cheesemaker

    Tom Calver is Director and Head Cheesmaker at Westcombe Dairy in Somerset. I visited this beautiful place to see the dairy, cheese store and shop. I spoke with Tom who divulged the fascinating history of the place. Oh, and of course I also met ‘Tina the Turner’ – the world’s first Cheddar robot.

  • Interview • 1 minute read

    Christmas Dinner Insiration from Josh Eggleton

    We chatted with Bristol food hero Josh Eggleton recently. He shared his tips for elevating Christmas dinner. He also talked about two beautiful dishes that he has on the Christmas menu at his Michelin Star pub, The Pony and Trap.

  • Tog news • 2 minute read

    UK ban on home delivery of knives bought online (Offensive Weapons Act) – Update

    A new law was proposed in 2017 by the then Home Secretary Amber Rudd banning home delivery of knives bought online. For TOG and other British knife makers and retailers, this had the potential to make our businesses unviable.

  • Tog news • 3 minute read

    What is Kebony?

    I’m Bert, designer of TOG Knives. When I began researching handle materials for my Knives, I looked into a wide range of interesting products and tested numerous prototypes. I wanted something that was both natural and sustainable, whilst withstanding the tough environment of a commercial kitchen, a stark contrast to a domestic kitchen. It was […]

  • Tog news • 3 minute read

    The Road to Seki

    In 2004 I got the opportunity to hold a Samurai sword in my hand. A real one. The man who had made it was Mr. Hiromune Takaba and I had the true privilege of meeting him on the day he finished three months work forging the blade. I watched him sign it. He showed me […]

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