• Interview • 15 minute read

    Secrets of a Professional Knife Sharpener

    Scott McLellan runs Sheffield Knife Sharpening, based in Sheffield, U.K. He provides TOG’s knife sharpening and repair service and works entirely by hand using high quality Japanese whetstones. I wanted to discover his journey into knife sharpening as quiz him on what tips he had for our readers.

  • Chef stories • 11 minute read

    Cutting Through Mental Health Stigma – An Interview With Kris Hall, Founder Of The Burnt Chef Project

    Kris Hall is founder of The Burnt Chef Project – a non-profit campaign and e-commerce brand which challenges mental health stigma within the hospitality industry. TOG’s MD, Ernie, spoke with Kris to learn about the inspiration behind the project.

  • Interview • 11 minute read

    Milk, Microbes, Mites and Robots – an Interview with Tom Calver, Cheesemaker

    Tom Calver is Director and Head Cheesmaker at Westcombe Dairy in Somerset. I visited this beautiful place to see the dairy, cheese store and shop. I spoke with Tom who divulged the fascinating history of the place. Oh, and of course I also met ‘Tina the Turner’ – the world’s first Cheddar robot.

  • Interview • 7 minute read

    Some of the Best Cuts of Meat for BBQ – Advice From Master Butcher Jack Cook

    Jack Cook, Master Butcher, runs Walter Rose & Son, recently Britain’s Butcher Shop of the Year. Jack tells us about his family history, the importance of provenance, and shares his tips for cooking over fire.

  • Interview • 7 minute read

    An interview with Dani Taylor, buying director at Cox & Cox

    We asked buying Director Dani Taylor about her approach to putting together ranges, the impact of lockdown and future trends… They’ve also very kindly provided an exclusive offer just for TOG readers.

  • Interview • 10 minute read

    cooking over fire – tips and techniques

    Cooking over fire has recently exploded in the UK. We spent the day with the unstoppable Ross Anderson, founder of Roam Catering in Salisbury. Ross shared some of his vast knowledge on the subject and cooked some unbelievable food.

  • Our thoughts • 6 minute read

    Knife Rituals: Where Your Kitchen Knife Comes From And How You Should Use It

    We create rituals around items of importance. We build customs around situations where there’s a chance of confusion or offence. For most of our existence, there were few things more essential to our survival than a knife.

  • Top tips • 4 minute read

    Isolation Inspiration

    We’ve rounded up some of the best cookery demonstrations on Instagram to help you pick up a new expertise, discover a new recipe, or simply make the most of what you have in your cupboards.

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