All TOG chopping boards are handmade in small batches and may take up to two weeks for delivery.


The ANT chopping board is our most compact, measuring 315 x 189 x 35mm and weighing 1.35kg. It is designed not to take up much space on a worktop and to be easy to store in a drawer or cupboard. It’s size is optimised for fruit, garlic, onion and general preparation of small items.

It uses END-GRAIN construction. Strips of wood are cut into short lengths and glued together in a ‘brick’ layout, allowing the wood fibres to be aligned in a vertical direction rather than horizontal. The advantage of doing this is that it is easier on the knife and on the board. As you cut onto the board, the fine cutting edge of the knife actually pushes down between fibres rather than cutting them. The fibres are pushed apart and close up again after the cut has been made. End-grain boards are a little more expensive because of the work involved in constructing them.

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About TOG Chopping Boards

TOG chopping boards are made by hand in Warwickshire, a handful at a time. They are constructed from solid American black walnut. The five stripes echoing the copper layers in the blades of our knives are made from British cherry. Both timbers are sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Chopping boards should be made of relatively soft material so that they don’t dull the edge of your knives. Glass and ceramic are harder than steel and so will blunt a knife on the first cut. Plastic is often seen as the most hygienic board material but in fact plastic boards get chewed up with use and this creates crevices that can harbour bacteria. Wood, on the other hand, is naturally antibacterial so is, in fact, more hygienic. We also prefer it because it’s a beautiful, natural, renewable material that means every board is unique.

All our boards have feet, firstly to give grip and secondly to ensure the board doesn’t sit in water (as this can cause warping). We advise feet for these reasons but they can be unscrewed.

As well as the laser-engraved creature icons we’ve burned the board’s production number into the front edge. We’ve done this as a celebration of these being low volume hand crafted pieces and to make them unique.

We have also put a chamfer on the bottom surface of our end-grain boards. This is to make them easier to pick up.

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Weight 1350 g
Dimensions 315 x 189 x 35 mm
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