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NOTE – Our Kebony Sujihiki is now available on pre-order only. We have a limited run of 100 arriving in June. If you order a set of 4 now, you have the choice of waiting for one of these knives or receiving one of the last remaining Ltd. edition Sujihikis with an African Blackwood handle. The new Kebony Sujihikis will be made from a new 17 layer steel which has improved strength and scratch resistance. We are only making 100. Please put your order in and leave us a message saying which option you prefer.

Buy all four TOG Knives and receive a £100 discount with your order (included in the price seen here). To get the discount, you must click ‘add to basket’ on the ‘set of 4’ rather than adding the four knives separately.

To find out more about TOG Knives, please see Tech Specs.


• Roll-forged, 21-layer, ridiculously sharp blades.
• Stay sharp due to Acuto 440 high carbon Japanese steel cutting edge hardened to HRC 58-60.
• Antimicrobial copper layers give TOG blades their distinctive stripes.
• Full tang, bolstered, 3-rivet handle for durability and balance.
• Kebony Maple handles, a sustainable and highly durable alternative to tropical hardwoods.
• Handles sculpted to provide excellent grip and control.
• Laser-etched handles and blades.

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Weight 1464 g
Dimensions 483 × 341 × 35 mm
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1 review for SET OF 4 – ‘PETTY’, ‘SANTOKU’, ‘GYUTO’ & ‘SUJIHIKI’

  1. Derek Turnbull

    I now have all four of the current range of knives – rather stupidly I didn’t take the plunge to buy them all at the same time so missed out of the discount. I am absolutely delighted with the knives, which have transformed my ability to properly prepare ingredients. I am not a professional, just a keen amateur who is learning to cook some good food and these products have gone a long way to making it a more enjoyable experience and improving the outcome. I also have the ceramic honer and three of the chopping blocks, all of which are fantastic to use. In the words of Victor Kiam, “I liked these so much I bought the company” (or a little part of it).

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