Medium Whetstone Grade A Second

Medium Whetstone Grade A Second荒仕上げ用

#1000 Grit (209 x 73 x 28mm)

Produce a superb edge for general use

Refines the edge created by a coarse whetstone. Produced by Suehiro corporation of Japan, this full-size super high grade ceramic soaking stone is fast cutting, gives great feedback and is slow wearing. Its large size makes sharpening easier and faster and extends the stone’s life.




Sometimes products fail our strict quality inspection. We offer these Grade A workshop seconds at 25% below the normal retail price.


Like all our products, these are covered against manufacturing defects under the TOG Lifetime Guarantee. However, minor cosmetic defects are not covered for seconds.

Below are example images of Grade A workshop seconds

in the box

• Full size Japanese ceramic whetstone
• 100% recycled rubber non-slip mat
• Birch ply angle guide – 15º & 20º
• Cleaning stone 73x18x10mm
• Solid Beech and Birch-ply storage box


Founded in 1967 in Niigata, Japan, Suehiro is a small independent business making synthetic ceramic whetstones. It is not well known in the UK but produces some of the finest whetstones in the world. After scouring the globe for the best products, we are proud to be partnering with Suehiro for our coarse and medium ceramic whetstones.

Japanese Ceramic

At coarse and medium grit sizes, synthetic whetstones actually perform better than natural stones. Ours are made from professional grade aluminium oxide ceramic material. This has been calcinated at high temperature for durability and to prevent cracks. The result of all this is a stone which is fast cutting, gives great feedback and is slow wearing.

Angle Guide

Critical to effective sharpening is setting the angle correctly between the stone surface and the blade (and then keeping it constant).

Made of Birch plywood, our angle guide ensures you get the angle right every time and is totally unique to TOG. You can set 15º for Japanese knives or 20º for Western knives.

Cleaning Stone

This little whetstone is used for rubbing on the surface of your coarse or medium ceramic whetstone after use. It removes steel particles and scratches from the surface, cleaning and condition your stone for next time. To some extent is can flatten out an uneven surface too, although we recommend a diamond plate for flattening.

Storage Box

This stone comes with a box constructed from Birch ply and solid Beech, both from sustainable sources. The wood is treated to protect it from water but please still dry the stone for 48hrs before returning it to the box.

Rubber mat

It’s important your whetstone doesn’t move around when you’re using it. The texture on our 100% recycled rubber mat means it’s super grippy even when wet – like a tyre. It also protects your work surface from scratches. You can wash the mat a few times before use to ensure it doesn’t leave marks on your work surface.




Caring for your whetstone

After use, wash the stone, clean up the surface with the little cleaning stone then wash again. If there is any dishing, rub the surface against a diamond plate (under a tap is good) until it’s completely flat. Dry your stone completely (48hrs) before returning it to its wooden box for storage.

After care

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