Kanryō Set

Kanryō Set完了

ultimate sharpening set

‘Kanryō’ means ‘complete’ in Japanese. This full set of sharpening equipment will give you the ultimate ‘shaving sharp’ edge. Note the Belgian Blue natural stone works with a slurry at #4000 (fine) and without slurry at #12000 grit (polishing).

• Coarse (#320 grit) Ceramic Whetstone
• Medium (#1000 grit) Ceramic Whetstone
• Belgian Blue (#4000 / #12000 grit) Natural Whetstone
• Diamond Plate (#220 grit)

We recommend adding the Ceramic Honing Rod as this is used for removing burrs during sharpening, refining edges up to #2000 grit and also maintaining knives between whetstone sharpening.



Ceramic Honing Rod

With Shock Absorber


Coarse Whetstone #320 Grit (209 X 73 X 28mm)

Produced by Suehiro corporation of Japan, this full-size super high grade ceramic soaking stone is fast cutting and gives great feedback. Its large size makes sharpening easier and faster and extends the stone’s life. It is used for grinding a new edge onto a knife and setting the edge angle.

coarse whetstone

Medium Whetstone #1000 Grit (209 X 73 X 28mm)

Also produced by Suehiro corporation in Japan, this full-size ceramic soaking stone refines the edge produced by a coarse stone and creates a fantastic, kitchen-ready edge very quickly.

ceramic whetstone

Belgian Blue Natural Whetstone #4000 and #12000 Grit (209 x 73 x 18mm)

In our opinion this is best all-round finishing stone in the world. It is used with slurry as a fine whetstone (approx. #4000 grit). However, with the slurry washed off and a lighter pressure it also works as a strop (approx. #12000 grit) giving a ‘shaving sharp’ edge. Hand-made in Belgium at a small, family-owned mine called Ardennes Coticule, the Belgian Blue can get a kitchen knife sharper than any other method we’ve used. And we’ve used a lot.

kitchen knife sharper

Diamond Plate #220 Grit (203mm x 76mm)

This is a solid steel bench plate made by Diamond Machining Technology in the USA. Extra coarse industrial diamonds are embedded into the surface. Unlike a whetstone, it will always stay flat. It removes steel very fast making it ideal for repair work, removing chips and flattening whetstones.

kitchen knife sharper
kitchen knife sharper

Caring for your whetstones

After use, wash the stone, clean up the surface with the little cleaning stone then wash again. If there is any dishing, rub the surface against a diamond plate (under a tap is good) until it’s completely flat. Dry ceramic stones completely (48hrs) before returning them to their wooden box for storage. The Belgian Blue should dry in a few minutes.

Simply wash the diamond plate and dry before storing.

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