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The TOG ceramic honing rod is needed in order to maintain the edge of your TOG Knives (or other steel kitchen knives). Unlike other ceramic rods, it has a 3-part shock absorber system that absorbs 70% of impacts, reducing the risk of breaking if dropped. The rod should be used daily or weekly, depending on how much you use your knives. This video explains how the product works and the best way to use it:


• Ultra-hard (Mohs 8) sintered black ceramic works effectively on very hard steels.
• Smooth, fine abrasive surface (equivalent to approx. a #2000 grit whetstone) repairs damage and restores your edge with minimal wear on the blade. Less harsh on the edge than diamond steels.
• Patented 3-part shock-absorber system absorbs 70% of impacts to reduce risk of breaking if dropped.
• Lightweight: Ceramic rods are lighter than steel ones and are easier to handle.
• Endcap is flush with rod so blade does not catch.
• Universal length (10” / 25cm) is suitable for all kitchen knives.
• Can also be used for deburring during whetstone sharpening.
• Rust-free.
• Hygienic: Ceramic rod and handle cannot harbour bacteria.
• Easy to clean – use a damp cloth to remove steel particles from the rod.
• Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults.

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Weight 390 g
Dimensions 450 × 310 × 50 mm
Weight (without packaging)


Length (rod, including handle)


Length (ceramic portion of rod)


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6 reviews for 10″ / 25cm CERAMIC HONING ROD WITH SHOCK ABSORBER 黒セラミック包丁研ぎ棒

  1. Simon (verified owner)

    I have found the honing rod excellent. I was searching for a while for a ceramic honing rod but for some reason they are not that readily available. Hence I was delighted when I found this one and it has not disappointed in anyway. It really keeps a keen edge on my kitchen knives, is easy to maintain and is showing no signs of wear.

  2. Paul Burton (Salt Box)

    I run butchery and charcuterie workshops as well as managing the butchery department of a small food hall in Bristol. My knives get a lot of use and go on a steal several times a day, so I was very happy to have the opportunity to try out one of the TOG Ceramic Honing Rods. Now, one month in of near daily use and, I am only just feeling the need to put the knives on the wetstone, this is normally a task I do on a weekly basis. With less strokes required and with less force, the rounding effect on the blade, when using the rod is much less pronounced than with a steal. The ceramic rod also cuts a sharper edge onto the blade than the traditional steal I was using. I haven’t dropped it yet to be able to comment on the shock absorption. The only thing I have found as a negative is cleaning. The surface does get clogged up with use and even with fairly vigorous wiping with a damp cloth I can’t get it back to what it was like brand new. The other thing I have found in a butchery setting is that a steal gets used regularly throughout the day and although the knives are wiped clean as you go, it is still nice to have the peace of mind provided by giving all the tools a good soak and sanitise at the end of the day, which you obviously can’t do with the ceramic rod. All this said I still wouldn’t go back to steal, there are some tools that are functional and some that are simply a pleasure to use, the honing rod is definitely one of the latter.

  3. Paul Burton (Salt Box)

    I posted an earlier review stating that although I was very impressed with the honing abilities, I had found that the delicate cleaning required was a little problematic in a butchery setting. I’ve have since put the rod to the test and chucked in hot water full of sanitiser along with the rest of the tools, giving it a good old scrub and it doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest, sharpening like nearly new. It’s also hit the deck a couple of times this week, landing tip down and has come away unscathed.

  4. Jake (verified owner)

    This rod might just replace your need to own a 2000+ grit whetstone. Of course, if you have a seriously dull knife, you’ll need to use a more abrasive stone to put an edge back on the blade. But so far, for me, I’ve been able to keep a very sharp edge on my knife using only this rod maybe once or twice a week.

    Overall, it’s easy to use, requires almost zero maintenance and does what it says on the tin. Highly recommended.

  5. Dave (verified owner)

    These guys really are a “cut” above the rest…..not only are their products fantastic, but the customer service is incredible, I would highly recommend TOG to anyone.

    Keep up the great work guys

  6. Daniel Tomkins (verified owner)

    I have been using the honing rod for about 3 months now and I have to say it has kept my tog knives immaculately sharp. I have tried several honing rods before but the fog one is definately by far the best one Ive used.

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