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Curry Puffs and Masak Clubs – An Interview with Masterchef Champ Ping Coombes

Pings Masak Club

Tell us a little about your journey since winning Masterchef in 2014.

Since winning MC, life has been one crazy roller coaster ride from giving talks, doing demos, appearing on TV amongst other things. But I can safely say that winning MC has changed my life and for the better. 

What are you offering at your new Masak Club and how can our readers find out more about it?

Masak means cook in Malay. At Pings Masak Club, there are only a handful of students attending. So the class is intimate and always hosted by me. What I want to create is an environment that is cosy, fun and relaxing for the students in my kitchen. It is like a bunch of friends cooking together. You can find out more info here: Pings Masak Club.

Pings Masak Club

Why have you chosen to partner with TOG Knives?

I have used TOG for a few years now. I find the knives comfortable and easy to use. I owned some very expensive knives but they are hard to maintain and were causing me pain after prolonged use. Having a good knife makes cooking more enjoyable and it is also important that maintenance should be easy. TOG has the perfect balance on quality and ease of maintenance. 

Pings Masak Club

What advice would you give somebody looking to try cooking Malaysian food for the first time?

An open mind. Malaysian food is the most diverse and delicious cuisines in the world. At Pings Masak Club, we talked through all the ingredients and rest assure all ingredients are available to buy in the UK. 

Pings Masak Club

Any tips for great food prep?

A good knife, have all your ingredients ready, put on some good music and pour yourself a large of wine and have it nearby! 

Pings Masak Club
Ping’s ‘Easy Curry Puffs’ want the recipe? see the video here on Crumbs Mag.

What was your aim when you were writing your latest book ‘Malaysia’?

I have 2 aims, one to get people to know Malaysian food and secondly, to evoke people’s memories of how delicious Malaysian food is. 

Ping Coombes ‘Malaysia’ book is available on Amazon here.

More information on Ping’s Masak Club here.