Merry Christmas and welcome to the TOG Blog

According to Mariko Okawa of the Felissimo Christmas Museum (Hakodate, Japan), in 1854 the persecution of Christians through ‘National Isolation’ ended and the Japanese were free to celebrate Christmas. “…in Harajo School in the Ginza area of Tokyo, Christmas was celebrated. It was strange and amusing because Santa Claus appeared dressed like a Samurai.”

Samurai Santa

“Samurai Santa” by krisren28

Well, what better and more educational introduction to the TOG Blog could there be than that little snippet of Japanese Christmas history? Welcome, my friends.

At the start of November we launched TOG Knives. Since then we’ve had an incredible reception from the media, from our customers and also from some top, top chefs in the industry.

We’ve also been doing some filming with our own talented in-house chef Ben Tamlyn and will be providing, for your viewing pleasure, a collection of videos about sharpening knives, food preparation skills and such like. There might even be one involving cheese.

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I’ll leave your with an excellent 45min documentary about the making of the Samurai sword, an object so important in Japan that it is thought to have its own spirit. The Samurai sword is also certainly the inspiration behind TOG Knives. I had the honour of visiting a real-life swordsmith called Hiromune Takaba in Japan and I’ll write more about that another time.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

We recommend the Gyuto for carving the turkey, by the way.

See you soon,

The TOG Knifemaster.