We have recently started offering custom laser engraving of TOG Knives, which we do in batches. The next deadline for orders is the end of August 2019. You will receive your engraved knives by mid October 2019.

Artwork Guidelines

You can have any graphics you like permanently burned into the reverse of the blade. The artwork can be up to 11cm wide and over the full height of the blade if desired. It should consist of black line art (no greys) and/or text in any font, so most logos and tattoos are perfectly possible. We can put mock-up your design and show you what it will look like before committing, too.

Image shows area of blades which can be laser engraved:


We work with you to produce artwork that is to your design and that can be reproduced by our laser engraving machines.


The custom engraving service costs £35 per knife so if you are interested, please email Bert at to discuss your design.

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